VML Scores Seven Lions At Cannes

VML Scores Seven Lions At Cannes

June 26, 2012

Hot off the transatlantic wires, we received word from our good friends at VML regarding their recent recognition at the Cannes Festival. For those of you keeping score at home, this makes eight Cannes creativity awards for work coming from Kansas City agencies (also see last week's news from Barkley). Read on...

Mobile Medic is an augmented reality app created by VML and George Patterson | Y&R Melbourne for the Australian Defence Force.  It allows users to interact with posters on university campuses across Australia to virtually identify and treat real medical conditions by pointing an iPhone or iPad at a poster of a fictional patient and view an x-ray, use a stethoscope, and view a virtual ultrasound before diagnosing the ailment and sharing the results on Facebook.


Gatorade is known around the world as a sports hydration company. Then, with the introduction of its G Series product, designed to fuel an athlete before, during and after a workout or game, they went beyond hydration and into the world of sports nutrition. However, there was a problem: Teen athletes didn’t think sports nutrition was very important. They thought training was the only way to improve their performance. So how do you convince teen athletes that sports nutrition is the key to reaching that next level? Convincing a teen of anything is difficult enough. Trying to do it with an ad is nearly impossible. So we had to find a way prove it. Teen athletes look to other athletes for advice. Particularly college athletes looking to go pro. So we recruited 15 of the top NFL rookie prospects to implement proven fuelling habits into their training regimes to overcome one of the toughest challenges in sports today: the journey from NFL prospect to NFL pro. The ‘Everything to Prove’ video series went behind the scenes and followed these rookies for 7 months from Senior Bowl to their first NFL game.


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