Thruline Marketing Releases Fifth Annual Higher Education Industry Benchmarks Report

Thruline Marketing Releases Fifth Annual Higher Education Industry Benchmarks Report

March 19, 2019

Higher education continues to face immense changes in the marketplace, along with increasing competition and evolving student behavior. To help schools navigate this landscape, Thruline Marketing has released its fifth annual higher education benchmarks report. The 2019 Benchmarks shows the latest marketing, enrollment and occupation trends shaping higher education through in-depth analysis of their exclusive data and research.

This white paper reveals key data about marketing metrics, enrollment drivers, academic programs and student behavior to help institutions make informed decisions. Schools cans use the Benchmarks to see how they compare to competitors and identify growth opportunities.

NEW this year:

  • More expansive details for mobile trends
  • Pay-per-inquiry insights
  • Underemployment by occupation
  • Upcredentialing trends

“Institutions are facing a challenging adult enrollment environment right now. The value of a degree is fully under attack, unemployment rates continue to decline and competition for online students continues skyrocket. This has caused marketers to become more sophisticated and diverse in their channel strategy and further increased the need for a better connection between education and employment,” said Mike McHugh, Thruline CEO. “The good news is that the investment in education is still worth it and if schools have a strong, defined value proposition, there is market share to be had.”

The 2019 Higher Education Benchmarks is a free resource available for download on thru- Also available is a recording of this year’s Benchmarks webinar held byThruline’s Chief Executive Officer, Mike McHugh and Director of Marketing Analytics, Katie Tomlinson.

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