Ron Berg Moves Studio to the East Crossroads

Ron Berg New Studio

Ron Berg Moves Studio to the East Crossroads

May 7, 2019

For the last 20 years, Ron berg has housed his photo studio in the Crossroads Arts District at 1525 Grand Blvd., a location that has served first and foremost as the headquarters for his commercial video/photography business along with his expansive business endeavors. Now, Berg has sold his two buildings – including the parking lot, Berg Event Space, and SoT bar – to Abbott Properties. The Event Space and SoT will remain open with Abbott management.

Berg has enjoyed being an entrepreneur over the years, but felt the time was right to downsize and simplify his world to just his video/photography business. Now, he is continuing to devote his effort and talents to what has always been his greatest passion: Commercial still photography, video production and direction ( Berg has a keen eye for details, evidenced in his portraits, still campaigns and videography. Over the last two plus decades, he has had the opportunity to create rich and layered stories for a variety of clients, from industry-leading international brands to fashion and lifestyle shoots.

The new studio is located at 615 E 17th St., at the corner of 17th and Holmes in East Crossroads. This new hub is the ideal space for Berg’s creative endeavors, along with plenty of room to interpret the dreams of his clients. The building owners are artist Kelly Porter and interior designer Bridgett Cochran of Porter-Teleo Wallcoverings. Berg is excited to be neighbors with such a creative internationally well-known business. Within the same building Porter-Teleo will house an additional 3,000 square feet of space available for production, shoots, and art openings with a garage door, dock and ramp load-in. It should be completed and ready for rental within 30 days.

About Ron Berg

The common thread when you look at Ron Berg’s vast body of work, is that he is a details guy. He has a keen eye for details that most people miss. You can see it in his portraits, when his subject is caught mid-laugh, unselfconscious and at ease, their whole character encapsulated in a single glance. You can find it in his still campaigns, where the shadows that play against the angles of a model’s face are just as critical to the shot as the pose. You can feel it in his videography, where emotions – joy, hope, sadness, sensuality – burst forward in frames spanning even just a few moments.

Over the course of his 20-plus year award winning career, Ron has had the opportunity to create rich and layered stories for a vast variety of clients, from industry-leading international brands to fashion and lifestyle shoots. Through it all, Ron has never lost sight of the details – the little moments, the hint of a smile, the light shifting between clouds – that make his work stand out. From the gritty and raw to the unique and stylish and sometimes with a touch of humor, Ron is inspired by the variety of subjects, stories and locations he photographs and the challenge of capturing the organic, story-driven moment and emotion unique to each shoot and subject. He brings this sense of adventure, discovery and spontaneity to his image making whether it is CEOs, animals and kids, to tech, and capturing fashion or Image Library Lifestyle shoots alike. Ron has been named one of the Top 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide by Archive magazine. His photography has been routinely honored in industry competitions such as Communication Arts, PDN, AAF, and Graphis to name a few. Ron has seen it from carnivorous camels to beauties on the beach - and lived to tell about it. His client list is longer than he is tall, but it's not just the pretty pictures that make this man. Check back in soon for a new almost completed revamped website.