Psst. Aspiring interns...want to know a secret?

Psst. Aspiring interns...want to know a secret?

June 2, 2011

Many thanks to our friends over at Adverblog for bringing the above infographic-rich gem to our attention. Props to the smart folks at Dare for understanding that internships aren't about finding cheap grunt labor but rather looking for the hottest and hippest new talent available. The tables have turned, no? It underscores the incredible opportunities that young aspiring ad professionals that are getting ready to graduate or have recently graduated currently have.

"Opportunities?" you ask. "Surely you jest. Have you seen the current job market?"

Yes, I have. And guess what? It's changing. And guess what again?

Agencies need young talent now more than ever.

New perspectives. Fresh legs. Shiny ideas unfettered and untainted by the chains of complacency and the constant "me too-ing" of ad pros that have been loyal Ad Age subscribers for 5 years too long.

So to my young friends and future bosses: embrace the fact that you are sporting some kickin' ruby slippers right now. You want to find a home? Make like Dorothy, work like hell and click your heels together. (It might not hurt to take a look through our handy and recently updated AAF-KC Internship Guide too.)

To my friends and colleagues: it may be time to rethink your intern recruitment strategy because the big secret is out.

We need interns just as much they need us.