New Restaurant-Focused Branding and Marketing Agency Tasty Launches in Kansas City

New Restaurant-Focused Branding and Marketing Agency Tasty Launches in Kansas City

May 14, 2019

Tasty leverages its founders’ passion for Appetite Marketing and nearly 50 years of experience to help restaurateurs create irresistible customer experiences.

Tasty, a full-service branding and marketing agency specializing in Appetite Marketing announced its launch. The Kansas City-based agency will provide services for restaurateurs and food-adjacent companies primarily in the Kansas City, Minneapolis and Chicago markets, including brand positioning, marketing strategy, design, campaign development, and full-scale video and content production.

Tasty’s co-founders, Sara Sullivan and Lara Wyckoff, founded the agency based on their shared commitment to helping restaurateurs and other food-related independent business owners develop and build their brands. After working together at two different advertising agencies and developing a collaborative relationship, the two decided to join forces and create Tasty.

“Ultimately, we’re trying to make big brand thinking accessible to the independent business owner,” said Sara Sullivan, Principal and Relationship Director. “We believe in true partnership with our clients. Appetite Marketing is a team sport where the vision for our client’s brand is very much shared. We want to provide the tools these businesses need to develop and sustain their brands.”

Together, Sullivan and Wyckoff have nearly 50 years of marketing and branding experience. However, their mutual passion for all things culinary was the impetus for creating a company centered around food.

“From the time I was very young, food and restaurants have always allowed me to experience other cultures and traditions, but I’m also fascinated by the restaurant business itself” said Lara Wyckoff, Principal and Creative Director. “The energy, the creativity, the pace and the camaraderie is inspiring, so the chance to help build these brands and experiences is especially appealing.”

Staying true to their clients’ brands and keeping the focus on the culinary experience is of the utmost importance to Tasty’s founders.

“Appetite Marketing is about appealing to appetites first. We’re laser-focused on identifying and articulating the craveable qualities of each brand,” Wyckoff continued. “Our goal is to amplify what is inherently desirable about each restaurant experience.”

Tasty’s client portfolio includes Sixsmith, an artisan-inspired meat and seafood restaurant located on the picturesque shores of Lake Minnetonka; Baldamar, a luxe modern steakhouse in Roseville, Minnesota, that blends old-world craft and modern-day service; and Rōg Pizzeria, a pop-up pizza joint in Charleston, SC. Tasty is also working with STRETCH of the popular Grinders restaurants in Kansas City to promote and develop his growing roster of brands.

To enhance its offerings, Tasty developed a strategic partnership with Jay Runnfeldt of JCB projects, a consulting agency focused on the operational and logistical side of the restaurant business. Runnfeldt brings a depth of the experience in the restaurant industry that rounds out the full-service portfolio of support that Tasty provides its clients to help them succeed.

“Our north star is truly to help independent business owners define their brand and stand out in a crowded industry,” said Sullivan. “I have always enjoyed building relationships between brands and customers, and I’m a huge lover of the restaurant experience. Creating an agency centered around Appetite Marketing to help independent restaurants thrive is incredibly energizing.”

About Sara Sullivan, Principal & Relationship Director
Sullivan has a rich background in developing brand strategy and experiential marketing efforts for brands like Google Fiber, Discover and Samsung, as well as the family of brands for Pepsi International, Constellation Wines, Diageo, Moet Hennessy and Brown-Forman. A collaborative, charismatic leader, Sullivan prides herself on creating relationships built on trust.

About Lara Wyckoff, Principal & Creative Director
Wyckoff is an award-winning creative director with a diverse portfolio of work for the healthcare, financial, retail, consumer packaged goods and, of course, restaurant industries. Throughout her nearly three decades of experience, Wyckoff cites Appetite Marketing as the most satisfying work of her career.

About Tasty
Headquartered in Kansas City’s historic River Market, Tasty is a seasoned collective of designers, art directors, copywriters and content creators who share a love of food and drink. The agency specializes in all aspects of branding and marketing, including brand positioning, naming, logo development, menu design, restaurant design, advertising and video production. With nearly 50 years of combined experience, Tasty’s founders leverage their shared passion for Appetite Marketing to support the journey of independent restaurateurs.

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