Important Update for All AAF-KC Members

Important Update for All AAF-KC Members

May 9, 2012

To All Members of AAF-KC:

On behalf of the American Advertising Federation of Kansas City (AAF-KC), we are pleased to roll out a new membership plan that we hope you will be excited about. After several months of listening to member feedback on how our current membership structure was devised, we were left with a couple of clear thoughts:

  • Our current plan is confusing.
  • It is a logistical nightmare both for us and for our members to track who is and who is not an AAF-KC member.  We are unique in that we have individual members, corporate members, and some individuals whose membership is paid by their company at an individual level.
  • There is a disincentive for agency partners to sign up, as only a handful of their workforce could be a member.

With these concerns in mind, we set out to streamline the entire process, and in doing so, give our members greater benefit. Beginning on July 1, the following changes will go into effect to address these issues:

  • Instead of designating a handful of employees to be members, ALL employees of member companies will be considered members of AAF-KC and therefore be allowed member rates and access to all events including the ADDYs.  For many people with individual memberships, this will mean that you and all of your co-workers will be covered in the future under your company’s umbrella account.
  • As part of this move, we are reducing our current Corporate membership offerings from four to three.  The new levels are based on the number of employees working at the member company.
  • ALL members will be allowed to buy a companion ticket to any event (including ADDYs) at a member rate.  Over the course of the year, this should save our average member a very substantial amount of money.
  • Lastly, we are unifying all member billing dates on July 1. This will allow us much more clarity into our financial picture far earlier in the year so we can make adjustments accordingly. Individuals and companies that have already paid for memberships that extend past July 1 will be prorated for the first year.

Here is the new pricing structure:

  • Companies with 10 employees or less:  $500
  • Companies with 11-30 employees:  $1,500
  • Companies with more than 30 employees:  $2,500
  • Individual/Art+Copy memberships:  $180 ($15/mo)
  • Individual ad2 memberships:  $120 ($10/mo)
  • Student, Faculty, and Retired Individual memberships will be available for $60 ($5/mo) 

The new individual club rates can be succinctly summed up as $5, $10, or $15 per month for a membership. This will help in the recruitment of new members to the club so that we can stress the value of the club in much simpler terms.

For our agency partners, the benefits are tangible and clear. Our goal is to reduce confusion for both you and us, and to provide you with a substantially reduced cost on a per employee basis, as well as increase event participation by more members who previously were precluded from attending at member rates.

The added benefit of this new structure falls in line with our goal of simplifying our membership levels, clarifying and increasing club value, and providing true benefit for all of our members.   

We hope that you are as excited about these changes.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah at the club office at 816.822.0300.


Chris OConnor, VP/Membership


Kevin Fullerton, President                     

[Originally sent to all AAF-KC members on May 1, 2012.]