Important Update from the AAF-KC President

Important Update from the AAF-KC President

May 16, 2019

In the mid-90's the Art Director's Club of Kansas City ceased operations and AAF-KC seized the opportunity to absorb this group, its members, and mission into our larger, long-tenured organization. Since then this special interest group has evolved to serve a diverse group of creative professionals and has created, promoted and hosted some amazing events and programs furthering the creative spirit that lives within the entire Kansas City advertising and marketing community. 

As you know, times change. Being a creative professional has evolved beyond just being an art director or copywriter. Knowing that AAF-KC needs to continue evolving to remain relevant to the ad community, our members and sponsoring organizations, the AAF-KC Board of Directors — with the approval of the Art+Copy Council and Ad 2 Kansas City — have agreed to dissolve the Art+Copy Council as a separate special interest group of AAF-KC.

The people and the mission of the Art+Copy Council will fold into the work that AAF-KC and Ad 2 Kansas City does for our collective communities, allowing us to more efficiently focus our attention and resources on education, events and engagement. This decision was made after much discussion about the overall structure and function of the board of directors and councils. AAF-KC has a long history of engagement with and service to the creative community of Kansas City, and that continues to be a large part of how and why we function. 

Just like agencies can't do awesome client work without a strong creative team, we can't create or promote great events without our creative community. Although A+C is "dissolved", the ultimate goal is to work in a closer, more integrated way with AAF-KC and Ad 2, allowing creative professionals to volunteer where they can make the biggest impact on their own careers, the organization, and our membership.

Rebecca Schwartz