Gas Can 2014 Speaker Recap: Eric Melin

Gas Can 2014 Speaker Recap: Eric Melin

July 29, 2014

If you were one of the eight people in the KC metro area that missed the Gas Can: AAF-KC Creative Conference 2014 at the beautiful National WWI Museum, or if you were there and are desperate to relive the sessions that changed how you view your work, you are in luck. Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting each session as it was recorded live at the event. If you were there, you know there was the occasional NSFW word thrown out from the stage, so we encourage you to find 15-ish minutes in your day, put on your headphones and recharge.

Next up in our Gas Can Speaker Recaps, meet the 2013 National Air Guitar Champion, Callahan Creek Social Media Director and your AAF-KC Social Media Chair, Eric Melin, who showed you what the creative process looks like through air guitar:

And Eric would like to offer the AAF-KC a special, limited-time opportunity to see that process play out on stage. Check this out:

A recent Cambridge study proved that playing air guitar boosts creativity. 2013 Air Guitar World Champion Eric Melin spoke about creativity at our Gas Can conference, and now we have an awesome offer for AAF-KC members. Email the office at and ask for the code to receive a 20% discount on tickets to see the 2014 US Air Guitar Nationals live event at The Midland Aug. 9.

Competitors from all over the country will be competing in KC to represent the U.S. at the World Championship in Finland. You won’t believe how ridiculously fun this show is -- even without "there" guitars -- until you’ve seen it live for yourself!