Fighting the Old or Building the New?

Fighting the Old or Building the New?

August 23, 2012

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ~ Socrates

I don't care what anyone says: everybody hates change. Change is hard. Change requires effort. Change is a pain in the ass.

And few things are as necessary on a regular basis as creating change.

Change is a disruption from the comforts of the status quo. Change is cathartic. Change is what allows us to capture that elusive aura of "new and improved."

This new year at AAF-KC -- our fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th -- has already seen a good amount of change. There's the annual slate of new board and council members for AAF-KC, Art+Copy Club and Ad 2. We have a new director, Katie Daily. We've updated our membership fee structure.There's the recent affiliation of Ad 2 with the national organization.

And now, we have a new location at 1722 Main Street.

The decision to move from our previous location at 1025 Jefferson was certainly predicated on a more practical look at our physical and fiscal needs as a club, but never underestimate the underlying opportunity that comes with change. In our new location we find ourselves in the heart of Kansas City's Crossroads creative community with the ability to now call a few of our closest agency allies more than just "corporate members" but instead something more meaninful -- neighbors.

As you can imagine, moving is never fun. Yet there is something to say about being able to pause and reflect on recent history as we waded through boxes upon boxes of old club memorabilia and history. One thing we've never left behind in any move, whether it was from our original building on 913 Baltimore or our most recent digs on Jefferson, is a sense of how far we've come since 1902. (And yes, we have the pictures to prove that.)

Many thanks to all the kind people that volunteered their time on nights and weekends to help clean up and pack as well as those that helped us prep the new space, including...

  • Sarah Dyerson
  • Carrie Agne
  • Meg Lubis
  • Wes Mikel
  • Stephanie Parker
  • Marianne Gjerstad
  • Nancy Pinkston
  • Kirk Lakebrink
  • Rob Mitchell
  • Luis Garcia
  • Dustin Schirer
  • Lori Akers
  • Austin Walsh
  • Special thanks to Chelsea Fitch and Adam Seitz for coordinating volunteers from both Ad 2 and Art+Copy Club.

A HUGE thanks goes to Sara Soseman for graciously volunteering to lead the Club Relocation Committee's efforts these past few months, a job that required more than simply passing around a sign-up sheet for grunt labor but instead included coordinating our lease arrangement, contractors, movers, utility providers and more.

We're still in the process of organizing and decorating the new office but have set our sights on a First Friday open house on September 7th. It's our annual MARTY! (That's Membership Apprecation party.) It would be a great chance for all of our members to swing by, see the new space, and mingle with the latest and greatest recipients of our Ad Club Foundation Scholarship.

And what's in store for the next 12 months? The short answer is all of the great events, speakers, networking opportunities and more you've come to expect from AAF-KC.

Our calendar is full. Event planning for all of our programs -- including our beloved ADDYs in February -- are already underway. We're keeping our eye on City Hall and our ears to the ground. Why? Because it's what we do...for you...for each other.

Let's make some change, shall we?

John Kreicbergs [Director, Digital Strategy at Meers] is president of the American Advertising Federation of Kansas City and is proud to say he's built his life and career in KC. Ad land aside, he enjoys all things local. That includes Sundays at Arrowhead, evenings at Livestrong, weekends on the trails and a Boulevard beer in his hand.