5 Reasons to Attend Wednesday Acceleration - Underexposed: Putting KC in the Filmmaking Spotlight

5 Reasons to Attend Wednesday Acceleration - Underexposed: Putting KC in the Filmmaking Spotlight

March 2, 2019

Have you heard about our latest Wednesday Acceleration event featuring Steph Scupham, Film Commissioner of the Kansas City Film Office at Visit KC? Steph will be sharing why Netflix choose to film 'Queer Eye' in Kansas City, why National Geographic rated Kansas City, MO as one of the "Best Trips" to take in 2019 and more.

Not convinced yet? Check out these 5 other reasons why you should attend: 

  1. Stay woke.
    Maybe you don’t think film or production insight matters to your particular position, but we believe that learning from other disciplines helps us gain insight into other elements of advertising. As director of the KC Film Office, Steph Scupham doesn’t just describe herself as a production person. She’s also part sales, marketing, and event planner. So, no matter what advertising discipline you may relate to, you’re sure to learn something valuable to use in your day-to-day career.
  2. Tap into a new creative outlet. (We won't even tell if you steal some ideas.) 
    If we’re not constantly drawing inspiration from others, we run the risk of falling into a rut. That’s why attending events like this is so important. Exposing yourself to different challenges and industries helps us learn new approaches and insights into new techniques. We should never fall into the trap of finding ourselves too busy to spark some creativity. You may see something that is just what you needed to overcome an obstacle at work.
  3. Wave your KC flag high.
    The mission of the KC Film Office is to “Ignite Passion for Kansas City.” So, if you’re a KC fanatic this will be the crowd for you. Plus, we’ll be learning about how the film office is drawing big name productions such as: Queer Eye, American Ninja Warrior, Bargain Mansions, and more to our area. What’s good for KC is good for us all.
  4. Embrace your inner extrovert.
    Or your outer one, we don’t care. Whether networking is one of your favorite activities or your biggest enemy, it’s undoubtedly one of the best things you can do for your career. So, don’t be shy, come early and chat away. You never know what may come of it.
  5. If for no other reason but to enjoy a hot breakfast. 
    On top of all these amazing reasons why you should be attending the March 6 Wednesday Acceleration event, don’t forget about the bacon and eggs we’ll be having at Rye on the Plaza.

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