5 reasons to attend the 2019 ADDY Award Show

5 reasons to attend the 2019 ADDY Award Show

February 10, 2019

TL/DR: It a party that supports the development of Kansas City advertising.

When you think of awards shows, the Oscars and Grammys (maybe even the Tonys) come to mind. When you consider advertising awards, it's hard to top recognition from Cannes Festival of Creativity, the One Show and the American Advertising Awards (a.k.a. the ADDYs).

The ADDYs is the largest and most representative advertising competition. Each year, it attracts more than 40,000 entries in local AAF competitions, including the American Advertising Federation of Kansas City (AAF-KC). And the awards show we put on in Kansas City is incredible — a three-hour creative showcase and networking event held at the historic Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland.

But why should you attend? Here’s the top five reasons to join us this year:

1. Be inspired by awesome creative.

While creative inspiration can be found just about anywhere these days — including the newest coffee shop in town — there’s no better place to find a bunch of top creative in one place than at the ADDY Award Show.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to take back to your creative team, a new idea to try in your own work or motivation for your entire department, you’ll get it at the show.

“Awards are a vital barometer of your creative health,” said Mark Tutssel, executive chairman and global chief creative officer at Leo Burnett, in an interview with Adweek.

The truth is, Kansas City is booming with creativity. It’s everywhere we look—from walls and napkins to the latest food truck craving craze and well-designed hip hotel. Our city is bursting with inspiration and for one night, we celebrate the work produced by the most creative people in town: advertisers.

Fun fact: did you know Ad 2 Kansas City’s Virtual Agency program won a Silver ADDY Award last year? It did. And for the past several years Ad 2 KC has been called out for its creative work in the Ad 2 National Public Service Competition at AAF’s ADMERICA conference.

That showcases that we’re a creative community, working together to make beautiful and meaningful things that ingeniously get results for our clients. Creativity demands inspiration in order to thrive. And one way to get inspired together is at the ADDYs.

2. Grow your network.

Whether you’ve worked in Kansas City for years or moved here yesterday, the advertising community is a mighty network of creative people. We’re all passionate about advertising and delight in talking about good ideas and executions — many spent the day after the Super Bowl discussing the best and worst spots, and social reactions.

At the ADDYs you can meet people like you who love creating things and growing their skills. With a full 1.5 hours before the show to view the work and meet new friends, you may end the night with a job opportunity, prospect for that job opening you’re trying to fill or even a new client. It’s all possible at the ADDYs.

3. Support the advertising community.

AAF-KC is a nonprofit, 501(c)6 membership organization that works to foster a cohesive creative culture within the Kansas City advertising industry and promoting it to the rest of the country. In short, AAF-KC is your community — we are what you make us.

When we sit down to plan the ADDY Award Show, we’re not thinking about who’s going to win. We’re thinking about how to celebrate a year’s worth of tiresome, amazing work created by you.

Our ADDYs is a toast to the new golden age of advertising — the one we’re living right now that everyone in 20, 30, 50 years will look back on and say, “I wish I lived back then and worked with those people. They knew how to create great ads.”

Attending the show lends the support of our community to every student looking ahead to their own future, every newly minted creative seeking a way to grow and impress their agency, and every established professional looking to celebrate the years of tiresome hard work that got them where they are today.

4. Everyone loves a party.

With a theme like Gatsby, what more do you need to let loose and enjoy a night on the town?

And remember the show is at the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland? It’s an historic theatre built in 1927 with floor to ceiling ornate gold decoration and rolling red carpet.

It’s got that perfect 1920s feel (can you guess how we chose the theme?) and offers a bit of grandeur to our celebration of the great advertising being created every day in our city.

That’s why all attendees of the 2019 ADDYs are encouraged to dress up with some flair, grab some giggle juice (check the event bar menu when you arrive) and enjoy the party.

And the after party.

This year we’ll be continuing the party at The Guild in the Crossroads — just a quick (whatever rideshare brand you prefer) ride away from the Midland.

5. There will be alcohol.

Yes, the giggle juice. Plus a few other thematically named beverages will be provided at the bar. Because the ADDYs is a party after all.

A few things to remember:

  • Bring cash for both the show and the after party.
  • Be safe and make a plan for transportation

We raise our glass to you and we’ll see you at the party.

Join us.

What do you say? Let’s spend a night celebrating Kansas City creativity together.