Become a member and your career is going to take off. Soon you’ll be on the cover of Ad Age talking about how you use your One Show Pencil as a doorstop. You'll play in a garage band with Andrew Keller when you’re not surfing with Lee Clow. And Martin Sorrell will call you when he can’t sleep.*

[*We have a legal obligation to tell you this is all conjecture.]

Truthfully, this club can’t make you an advertising rock star. But it can help you become a better advertising professional and a better (your name here).

In AAF-KC you’ll learn things you probably couldn’t learn at your desk and you’ll learn them from some of the smartest people in the business. You’ll do things that will hone your craft and you’ll create a network of talented people who are pulling for you to succeed.

When you join the club, you’re becoming a member of a group that says you’re not satisfied with a job — you want a career that in turn says something about you.

Individual Memberships

*CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP - If you are part of a company with a corporate membership (check with your HR department), you do NOT need to register for an individual level of membership.

Individual Membership
No Restrictions Apply
$180.00 Annually
Ad2 Membership
Age 32 and Younger
$120.00 Annually
Faculty Membership
Full-Time Faculty
$60.00 Annually
Student Membership
Full-Time Students
Membership with AAF - Kansas City does not include membership with a college chapter. Membership in a college chapter is a separate membership with AAF. If students intend to compete in NSAC or participate in any AAF National College Chapter programming, students MUST join the AAF National College Chapter network through their college chapter advisor or on the official AAF website (
$60.00 Annually

Corporate Memberships

Corporate Membership I
100+ Employees
$2,500.00 Annually
Corporate Membership II
25-99 Employees
$1,500.00 Annually
Corporate Membership III
1-24 Employees
$500.00 Annually