Atomic Fusion Lab: Harness the Power of Data-driven Creative

Atomic Fusion Lab: Harness the Power of Data-driven Creative

May 18, 2016
11:15 AM
Berg Event Space • 1525 Grand Blvd, Kansas City MO

You might be a copywriter or art director who has seen great work destroyed by last-minute testing. You might be an account person turned away by creatives who want to protect their concept. It’s time to start working together from the beginning.

When data-driven research isn’t an afterthought, it makes good creative great. Atomic Fusion Lab will teach you how to incorporate analytics into art. Just like real nuclear fusion, the results will be an explosive source of almost limitless energy.

You’ll leave the lab with concepts and concrete tools, including:

  • A creative methodology that is influenced by data.
  • Brainstorming techniques for rapid creative development, variations and testing strategies.
  • A mastery of the distinction between creative ideas and creative execution.
  • Data-focused conversation starters that won’t scare off your internal teams and clients.
  • Ways to measure success, implement strategies and then repeat the whole cycle.


Suzanne Van Cleve is a thought leader in digital marketing and product management, developed through leadership roles with Intuit, Oracle and Adobe. By blending art and science, Suzanne lead the team who turned into what the CMO called the “billion-dollar a year ecommerce machine.” Suzanne has turned that journey into a repeatable and scalable methodology that companies can leverage to drive their business outcomes.  What jazzes her the most is the "human side" of digital marketing -- using all the tools we have for websites, social, email and analytics -- to connect people faster than ever before. Suzanne is the former leader of Digital Marketing for TurboTax and is now working as a consultant.

Wayne Kaufmanschmidt has spent the last 20 years in Kansas City’s agency world. His roles have included Creative Director with VML where he first connected with Suzanne, his current position with Trozzolo—VP of Digital Strategy, and freelancer serving the agency market with design, animation, programming and online strategy. Beginning with his roots in architecture and urban planning Wayne continues to balance the beauty of the seen with the efficiency of the unseen, relying on analytics and universal design principles to iterate and improve the human experience of the web. "Adaptation is what drives me. Once we are live. Once we have real users and data. Then the fun begins. Then we see how changes matter.”


  • 11:15am ­- 11:30am Registration
  • 11:30am ­- 12:30pm (Lunch & Presentation)
  • 12:45pm – 1:30pm (Workshop)


Online by May 16 at 5pm

  • Member: $30
  • Non-Member: $45
  • Student: $25

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