You want a piece of us? Do you?

Sponsored Emails
Want to send an exclusive email message to our distribution list (about 3,000 names!)? You can purchase a stand alone email to showcase your message for $1,500.  Content subject to approval by AAF-KC President and VP/Communications, and dates available will be around our email schedule. 

KC Ad Briefs
If you’re a business wanting to attract the attention of over 3,000 AAF-KC and Ad 2 KC members, advertising influencers and AAF-KC website subscribers, you can advertise in KC Ad Briefs, our weekly e-newsletter published every Tuesday.

Imagine that, an advertising-related newsletter offering advertising! Only one unit is available, so your ad will really stand out! The “Ad Briefs Rectangle” (195px wide x 205px high) is located in the lower right hand side of the newsletter (below "Get Social") and is sold on a weekly or monthly basis (subject to availability). Costs are net:

  • 1x (Weekly) Cost: $200
  • 4x (Monthly) Cost: $750
  • 12x (Quarterly) Cost: $2,000

Reservation Date: 1 week prior to issue date
Materials Due Date: Tuesday prior to issue date

You can also advertise company job postings within the "Featured Jobs" section of the weekly Ad Briefs email. Each job post is $25. 

Technical Requirements:

  • For animated GIF, no more than 3 slides or frames.
  • Maximum file size is 50KB.
  • Only HTML, text, JPEG and GIF files are allowed.
  • Flash, Rich Media, Animated GIFs/Banners and Javascript are NOT available

Payment Terms

  • All 1x ads must be prepaid with order.
  • For multiple frequency orders, AAF-KC will bill you at the end of each month of scheduled ads.
  • An invoice for standalone sponsored email orders will be sent upon publish date.
  • Send payment to the AAF-KC office or call to provide credit card information.

To schedule an ad or a sponsored email, please contact Betsy Larson.