AAF-KC is a 501(c) 6 trade and professional association in Kansas City serving the advertising/marketing industry through educational programming, volunteer opportunities and networking, and a member of District 9 of the American Advertising Federation. We’re not the type to brag but it’s safe to say we’re one of the largest and oldest AAF clubs in the country. So, we’re a pretty big deal.

Here’s where the story gets a bit tricky.

AAF-KC is one club that houses two more organizations. Ad 2 KC is local chapter of Ad 2 National serving ad professionals age 32 and under, and Art+Copy Club is a group designed for creatives, copywriters, designers and the like. Each group is a part of AAF-KC but serves the membership in more specific ways.

For example, Art+Copy Club provides more creatively inclined events, and Ad 2 provides more networking events. Not to say that any of the groups are exclusionary, if you’re an AAF-KC member you’re welcome to come to any soiree or speaking event, after all, you’re an AAF-KC member. But the separate clubs were designed to meet members specific needs. Told you it got tricky.

This explanation may be much ado about nothing but at least it gives you a peek into how we’re all one big AAF-KC bent on networking, furthering our ad education as well as our quality of career for our membership.

The mission of AAF-KC is to foster a cohesive creative culture within the Kansas City advertising industry and promoting it to the rest of the country.

Finally, here’s to our fearless board members who make it all happen.
2018-2019 AAF-KC Board of Directors
  • Julie Barr - President
  • Rebecca Schwartz - Immediate Past President
  • Sara Sullivan - VP Programming
  • Marianne Gjerstad - VP Communications
  • Megan McClure - VP Membership
  • Andy Belot - VP Finance
  • Talon Spittles - Ad 2 KC Council President
  • Josh Chavis - Art+Copy Club Council President
  • Sean Bryan
  • Katie Hilty
  • Ben Carmean
  • Julia Thompson
  • Tom Apple
  • Matthew Phillip
  • Hannah Bower
  • Kylee Sprengle
  • Katie Snyder
  • Andy Grollmes
  • Lexi Glassman
  • Laura Green