Chapter II: Conflict Almost overnight, Kansas City changed into a bustling kingdom of creativity. The union of Art...Continue Reading

EAG Advertising & Marketing (EAG), Kansas City’s only advertising agency devoted to small business, announces the addition of Splashtacular, Likarda,...Continue Reading

Chapter I: The Beginning Long ago, in a time before content management, Kansas City was divided by the two...Continue Reading

You know a logo really works when it becomes not just a symbol of an organization but a tattoo as...Continue Reading

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In AAF-KC you’ll learn things you probably couldn’t learn at your desk and you’ll learn them from some of the smartest people in the business. You’ll do things that will hone your craft and you’ll create a network of talented people who are pulling for you to succeed.

When you join the club, you’re becoming a member of a group that says you’re not satisfied with a job — you want a career that in turn says something about you.

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